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you BITCHHHHH. you fucking big bitchhhhhhhhh. arghhhhhhhh.

 are you trying to tell me that you are only capable of fasting for TWO fucking days?

 let me tell you something, miss almighty: when you were NINE years old, you would fast day in, day out for THIRTY days. and now you do TWO and then give up? YOU BITCHHH, I HATE YOU, YOU BITCH, IM JUST SO ANGRY, ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

diana, please, please, you got yourself from 53 to 49.5, now you're back to 51...what are you trying to do to yourself? please, please dont do this to me. please. okay forget 36kg, okay? but how about 45? please, c'mon....dont you remember how skinny you used to be? why cant you be that again? if you could then, why not now?

okay, so obviously fasting for yourself doesnt work, how about fasting for GOD? imagine you're doing this for God. okay? please, please diana, dont do this to me, dont kill me with food. please dont.

p.s. someone's gonna be waking up at 5am for a jog tomorrow. AND FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK.

p.p.s. i hate you, you bitch. BITCH.

28.4.08 13:22

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